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How to Create Authentic Stories for Your Non-Profit

How to Create Authentic Stories for Your Non-Profit By Joe DiGiovanni, TappNP Stories about authentic experiences concerning your organization can be powerful in creating deep connections between yourself and customers. Crafting these stories can be challenging, however, from choosing a powerful story to putting it into the best words to capture your audience. Here are a few ways to tell these stories and get the results from them. Find a significant moment Brainstorm about your non-profit with employees, volunteers and even clients who have been there for a significant length […]

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How to Prompt Engaging Infographic Ideas

How to Prompt Engaging Infographic Ideas By Rachel Taylor, TappNP Great blogs posts and videos are great ways to engage with your audience and extend your social reach, but they are not the only way to bring in followers. Infographics, for instance, are a great way to pull in attention to your non-profit. While great articles prompt shares and likes, great infographics get significant reposts to many sites. If you can get your brand’s name to go with the infographic, it will go across social media and bring in a […]

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What Non-Profits Need to Know About Snapchat Marketing

What Non-Profits Need to Know About Snapchat Marketing By Kyle Barkins, TappNP Is your organization using Snapchat for content marketing? If not, it’s something you should consider. As a platform, Snapchat is exceedingly popular within the 15-to 25-year-old demographic and is only growing. While many think Snapchat content has little value due to it disappearing and irretrievable after a certain time, that aspect of the platform may actually help more than hinder. Snapchat content On the various social media platforms, viewers go through content quickly, with marketers only getting around 50 […]

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Are Influencers or Advocates Better for Your Brand?

Are Influencers or Advocates Better for Your Brand? By Joe DiGiovanni, TappNP With all the information the internet has to offer at our fingertips, organizations are struggling to break through the clutter and reach their target audience. For many, finding individuals to act as advocates or influencers seems like a wise move, as they can often engage potential clients in ways businesses can not. Research shows customers trust a referral from their personal networks at a rate of 90 percent and referrals found online at 81 percent. With this in […]

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What Ello Really Means for Content Marketing

By Rachel Taylor, TappNP Around the end of 2014, the newly minted social media platform Ello achieved its peak hype from media channels and online marketers. At the high point of the conversation surrounding the site, approximately 4,000 requests were generated for the invitation-only, ad-free platform. There was even a black market for invites on eBay. The internet became cluttered with article speculating if Ello would be the social media network to finally dethrone Facebook as the number one social media platform. Despite high hopes for Ello, the hype has […]

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Why Publishing Incorrectly Is Making Your Content Fail

Why Publishing Incorrectly Is Making Your Content Fail By Kyle Barkins, TappNP One of the most successful ways to bring in new volunteers, drive donations and bring in clients through digital marketing is content creation. Creating relevant posts, graphics and articles to share with your followers is one of the best ways to ensure your organization finds success and furthers its mission. However, there is such a thing as publishing incorrectly when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some ways your organization could be putting out its content in a way […]

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3 Tips for Scaling Your Content Marketing Campaigns

By Rachel Taylor, TappNP One of the best things to remember when creating content is to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Whether your goal is narrowly focused or more broadly strategical, the scalability of effective content is critical in digital marketing. No matter how much you invest in your strategy and the planning, production and analytics that go with it, there are a few things every piece of content should have in order to effectively help your non-profit. Content is not great content until it is read, […]

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4 Rules for Powerful Sales Emails to Support Your Non-Profit

4 Rules for Powerful Sales Emails to Support Your Non-Profit By Joe DiGiovanni, TappNP With the combination of call screening and voicemails, cold calling to support your non-profit is an almost pointless endeavor. Many organizations are relying more on email marketing to bring in new customers and engage with the old ones. But sending emails, especially to those less familiar with your organization, runs the risk of having them mistaken for spam and deleted without being opened. So how do you hook your audience and have them participate in sales […]

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Social Media Tips for Faith-Based Organizations

Social Media Tips for Faith-Based Organizations By Kyle Barkins, TappNP It’s sometimes difficult for faith-based organizations to find a social media platform that works for them. You need one or more platforms that allow you to reach your congregation or following while bringing in others who believe in your cause, while raising funds and other forms of support to keep your organization going. Finding the balance between fundraising, spreading awareness and serving as a support system for your followers is a challenge, but not impossible. Here are some social media […]

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Social Media Fundraising, Adoption Tips for Animal Shelters

Social Media Fundraising, Adoption Tips for Animal Shelters By Joe DiGiovanni, TappNP Social media has proven, from KONY 2012 to the Ice Bucket Challenge, that it has the ability to make causes go viral quickly. This is an opportunity for animal shelters and humane societies to use their social media to bring in more cause awareness and donations. Social media can be especially critical in finding forever homes for abandoned pets, as well as reducing animal shelter euthanization rates, increasing adoptions and successful fundraising. Here are some ways your animal […]

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